SF Magnetic Net Release Magnet Clip Holder Retractor

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  • Advantage: New durable carabiner quick release magnetic clip. The magnets are very strong and have no problem staying together even with the weight of a net pulling down on them and it is easy to find the magnet for reattaching when needed and didn't accidently come loose through the whole day. Fast connect, hold the net solid and keep your hands completely free.
  • Premium Material: Magnets made of Aviation aluminum is less prone to rust and has the strongest powerful magnetic strength. The carabiner clip made of plastic is very light and handy.
  • Multipurpose: Use it with pliers, net,nippers & other tools. The magnets in both the carabiner side and the net side are very strong and hold well. The magnetic net release keeps your stuff safe & secure.
  • Size: New Heavy Duty Stretchable spring-cord. Made of steel wires covered with PVC which can be recovered 95% as it is, .Length 45 cm(17inch) and extends to a maximum length of 2.5m(100 inch). Never lose your net or other gear in water.