SF Slotted Tungsten Beads Head Eyes (25 pieces/pack)

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  • Premium Material: High-quality tungsten alloy, tungsten content 98% (Environment Friendly), they corrode much less than the so-called brass beads, and much denser, suitable for saltwater and freshwater.
  • Bead Diameter & Multi-Color: 1.5mm(1/16''), 2.0mm(5/64''), 2.5mm(3/32''), 2.8mm(7/64''), 3.3mm(1/8''), 3.8mm(5/32''), 4.0mm(5/32''), 4.6mm(3/16''). Color: Gold, Copper, Nickel.
  • Slotted Beads: Think fast and Think deep, Slotted opening is excellent for a great variety of fly hooks including jig hooks. A tapered drilled hole in the beads allows the beads easily and smoothly to slide around the hook bend, convenient and practical for you to use.
  • Useful Tool: Tungsten beads are over 200% heavier than brass beads. Use these beads for your bead head nymphs and they will sink much faster and deeper than with traditional brass beads.
  • Note: Please allow a slight dimension difference due to different manual measurements. Don't swallow, please keep them away from children.