SF Micro Split Shot Lead Combo Fly Fishing (112Pcs/4 Size/1 Box)

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  • Package included 4 Size in 1 box: 0.2g-36pcs/0.3g-30pcs /0.4g-28pcs/ 0.8g-18pcs
  • Durable construction, impact-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Made of pure lead, high density, the soft shots with a central cut will not break your braided fishing line.
  • Easy to use. Just simply squeeze them with your hands. No tools needed.
  • Great for changing situations by allowing you to adapt by adding and removing weights, it will help to get your sinking baits to the strike zone.
  • SF provides a box with an easy-to-use rotating selector, security and saves trouble. But please be careful with use and keep out of reach of children. This weight is small, please check the weight carefully.