SF Fly Tying Tool Kit 7 in 1

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  • 7 quality fly tying tools:Gator-grip/Ergo Whip Finisher/Ergo Dubbing Brush/Ergo Bodkin/Ergo Bobbin/Ergo Arrow Point Scissors/Ergo All Purpose Scissors. All this packaged in a durable plastic travel case.
  • Complete Tying Tool Kit: A fly tying tool kit made of durable plastic travel case, includes seven basic tools used to make flies for both beginners and the experienced tiers.
  • Protection: Packaged in a lightweight plastic travel case with the foam lining inside, protecting the knot kits from shaking even in a bumpy truck.
  • Easy to carry: The kit with a handle above is very convenient to carry around.
  • Gift: The versatile tool kit is an excellent choice as a gift for beginners or yourself.