SF Fly Fishing Floating Line (Sky Blue)

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  • Size: 90ft,  Color: sky blue.
  • Welding Label: fly fishing line with two welding rings at both ends, makes it easier for you to replace the leaders. With the hint label(THIS END TO RELL), you will never confuse the weld ring and the other end.
  • Easy Float: SF fly fishing weight forward float line, special taper design with different core cap formulations, precise and accurate casting under all conditions, even in windy conditions, weight forward line also contributes to long-range projection and better accuracy.
  • Premium Material: fly fishing line inside is woven from PE wireline, outside covered with a layer of PVC, increasing the strength of the fly line.
  • Practical color: The line color combination of the fly lines works against the dark and bright color water, providing all-around visibility as conditions change during the fishing session, so anglers can see the line, presentation and takes.