SF EZ Fly Fishing Bead Flies Magnetic Tippet Threader

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  • This great threader from the SF can help you when your hands are too cold, your eye sight has seen better days standing on a boat or wading in fast-flowing water this tool will easily help thread your tippets through the eyes of those tiny flies.
  • It is magnetic, and the hook automatically gets pulled into place for easy threading.
  • Point the end of your tippet into the groove that directs it right through the eye. After you try this, you won't thread flies any other way.
  • Works great on a wide range of fly sizes.Works great on flies with or without beadheads .
  • Threader Instructions 1.Place the fly in the depression with the eye perpendicular to the groove. 2.Slide the tippet down the groove toward and through the eye about an inch or two 3.Grab the tippet on either side of the fly, lift from the threader and tie the knot. Package:Tippet threader*1,Retractor*1