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Received my SF Floating Fly Line WF5 and managed to get a couple of Rainbow Trout on my first and only trip out; unfortunately the camera died on me so I don’t have any action shots and it was very windy so not the best conditions. First impressions are good, a well packaged line with welded loops at both ends for easy attachment to backing line and leader. The line is smooth to cast and floats high. I was able to present flies at an acceptable distance in windy conditions. If you are just starting out in the sport or...

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Line looks great, have no used on the water yet to test out the float. It doesn’t retain too much memory on the spool and lays pretty after casting. There is a welded loop on both the weight forward section and the end to connect to the backing. I’m not sure why that’s the case unless you intend to tie a perfection loop in your backing line... even then, you would have to run the length of the fly line through to make the handshake... I ended up cutting it off and using an albright knot. I purchased this for...

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