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  This Trout net was purchased with apprehension. I have always had a knotted net. I saw this and thought why not give it a shot. When it arrived I was quite impressed with its construction. The netting is rubber which I expected to be very stiff. I was totally wrong. In fact it is very soft and flexible. The cage ring and handle is made of bamboo that has been polyurethane coated. It has a nice cord attached for protection against losing it down stream. The unit can be laid almost completely flat or hung out of the way....

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I am delighted with the SF catch and release style landing net with the soft rubber mesh with SMALL holes. The construction and finish of the handle and hoop are beautiful and, importantly, the rubber mesh with small holes prevents little native trout from slipping right through the net. The overall length of 24" and inside hoop dimensions of almost !6" x 9" will also permit landing fish up to 20" when the need arises. The soft white rubber mesh prevents snagging brush while walking along the stream, and will not catch your fly hooks when the fish is netted....

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