SF Fly Fishing 1 Puncture Proof Glove

SF Fly Fishing 1 Puncture Proof Glove

Great addition to my fishing arsenal! It has a magnet release, which work perfectly attached my fly vest or bag. Gives great grip and helps protect the fish. Would also be good for saltwater fishing or a toothy fish🎣

Purchased the glove to remove Striped Bass from lure hooks without puncturing my hand. The glove is on the left hand to hold the fish while a pair of long nosed pliers in the right extracts the hook(s). The glove works very well in that the hooks and fish spines do not easily penetrate the glove. That is exactly what I wanted. Its noted - the glove does take away from some hand/finger dexterity when grabbing fish but it is not been a big problem for me. The glove really works for me in how I am using it. I definitely can recommend this product.


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