SF Waterproof Salt-Resistant Thick Strong Fly Lure Box

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*Thick and Windproof: The thickened shell of this fly box is able to withstand wind and rain. Even in windy and rainy days, protecting your fishing hooks and baits stay in fly lure box.

*Larger Storage Capacity: Breaking through the conventional single-layer fly lure box, double-space of this fly box brings more storage space for your bait. Importantly, the upper and lower layers of the fly lure box does not affect each other as well. If you have many kinds of fishing lures but they always lying on your counter in a mess, take this multi-function fly lure box home.

*Sealed and Waterproof: Upper and lower layers of fly box use the coaxial wheel switch lock design of AS, the internal storage plate in fly lure box can be rotated freely by 180 degrees, convenient but also cool. The extra-thick ABS material of the shell keeps your fly box away from water, having good sealing performance. Never worry anymore about the fly lure box suddenly falling into the water.

*Long life Use: The internal storage board of fly box, made of silicone material is a new environmental friendly material which is stable against heat and water, greatly increase the service life of your fly lure box.

*Suitable for: With ultra-thick shell, this fly lure box can be used for storing various style of lures. Fly lure box not only for some small size fishing lures: small hooks, Canddisflies, Stoneflies, Midges and any small invertebrates but also is good for slightly larger size with wings, such as Adams, Streamers and so on.