SF Fishing Bait Trap Casting Net 11.8"x23.7", Baitfish Crawfish Crayfish Shrimp 1Pack

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  • Size: 11.8"(Diameter)x23.7"(Height).
  • Material: Made of waterproof nylon has a unique mesh structure, PVC material covered the steel wire, strong and durable, not easy to be corroded, suitable for saltwater and freshwater.
  • Openable Design: Special openable cage design is more convenient and easier to take out the captured prey. Avoid being bitten by prey during operation.
  • Lightweight: Equipped with a high-performance spring cage that can be folded and retracted for easy carrying. It does not take up space and is easy to put away and carry.
  • Application: cast nets can be used to catch crabs, baitfish, shrimps, crayfish, reptiles, etc. Just place the bait in the zipper and the cage in the water. Then waiting for fish, shrimp, crabs, and other aquatic creatures to swim into the net.