SF Bait Screw 12mm with Oval/Round Link Loop Swivels

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  • Size: Bait screws:12mm in length, the oval link loop measures 4mm x 3mm, the round link loop is 3.1mm.
  • Made of high-quality steel, super high strength, and durable to use. The anti-glare black coating reduces visibility underwater to help prevent spooking way fish.
  • Bait screws with oval link loops/round link loops allow you to present your hook bait with a more natural presentation.
  • Bait screws can be used with many different carp rigs such as D Rigs, Chod Rigs, and Blow Back Rigs.
  • Directions for use: Simply screw the thread into any suitable hook bait: hardened boilies, cork balled and ready-made pop-ups, nuts, and even plastic hook baits.