SF 5 Arms Alabama Umbrella Rigs with 8 Blades Ultralight Willow Blade Multi-Lure Rig

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  • Weight Light: 28 grams(1oz). Full length (including fish head and connection): 9.65 inches(24.5cm).
  • Principle: The glitter from the willow blades simulates fish scales, attracting big fish. The compact umbrella rig with 8 shiny willow leaf blades to help it simulate a school of Shad Swimming, create nice moves and constantly flash to attract fish.
  • Material: The 5 arms are made from super heat-treated stainless steel wire to ensure strength and flexibility and catch up to 5 basses per cast. Realistic 3D holographic eyes are sealed into each simulated fish head(3.5cm).
  • Assurance: Features high-quality, super-fast snaps and swivel joints to ensure perfection when hooking multiple fish at the same time, ideal for targeting bass and other wild fish that feed on shad.
  • Gift: A very good-looking umbrella rig can be a gift given to like fishing father, brother, friend.